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Raised the export tax rebate rate of only partially alleviate the pressure on the survival of enterprises nike air pegasus dames , and overseas orders reduced the crisis did not go away, to come out of the international financial crisis, has yet to be improved external environment and changes in their own development path. Sa export tax rebate rate on three changes to improve the range and scope increases. From the earlier of "labor-intensive products and electrical and mechanical adjustment of export tax rebate rate of other industries," the tone of view, toys, furniture, shoes, hats, home appliances and other industries will benefit most. 11 17, announced the Ministry of Finance raised export tax rebate rate in the range of goods and tax rates involved, including some labor-intensive products, machinery and electronic products and other products of 3770 products. The export tax rebate rate adjustment is in August the three months since the third, also for the implementation of the 12th State Council executive meeting decided that the introduction of specific measures. Reporter found that the tax rebate rate of light industry products, up more, including: the main or all of the artificial fast-growing wood forest products as raw material, part of the tax rebate rate from the current 5% to 9%; metal extrusion part with the mold Mold , Glassware tax from 5% to 11%; bags, shoes adidas climacool schoenen , hats, umbrellas, furniture, bedding, lamps, clocks and other labor-intensive goods from the tax rebate rate of 11% to 13%; toothpaste and some other chemical Product tax rate from 5% to 11%; agricultural pumps, motorcycles, bicycles, household appliances, electronic products and other parts of the tax rebate rate from 9% to 11%, 11% to 13%, 13% to 14% . "Raised the export tax rebate rate for business is definitely a positive." Heard the news, million, and Group CEO Yeyuan Zhang told reporters that domestic manufacturers, without exception, by RMB appreciation, raw material prices, labor costs increased difficulties at home and abroad such as the impact of market downturn adidas originals zx flux zwart , many small and medium enterprises in particular, is difficult, but increased the export tax rebate rate, "must improve 'Made in China' international competitiveness, but also will improve the operation of state enterprises." Indirectly promote "Made in China" competitiveness "high cost of exports, buyers frequently keep the prices down!" This is the just-concluded 104th Canton Fair's most popular voice, at that time, many export enterprises in the export tax rebate expected adjustment. Good policy stimulus in the U.S. electrical, ST Kelon, Yi Li Pu, Macro, Kodak and other mechanical and electrical household appliances enterprises listed on the stock rose one after another. Many enterprises that export tax rebate rate increase will enhance the "China" international competitiveness. Have made business executives, frequent adjustment of the second half of the export tax rebate rate of the Central, in addition to supporting business and industry, the more a change in industrial policy thinking. "2006 had already reduced or even abolished in many large-scale export tax rebate rate, forcing companies to upgrade." Insiders pointed out that the manufacturing sector in particular, involving a large number of employment restructuring and labor-intensive industries easy, coupled with global financial The outbreak of the crisis and the U.S. real economy is hollowing out the risks adidas zx 630 kopen , make decision-making departments pay more attention to support the manufacturing sector. Raised export tax rebate rate, not only will create a larger profit margin, and raised the export price advantage. To household appliances, for example, domestic appliances export tax rebate rate of 13%, 1 In August, China's air exports increased by 2.5% year on year, down 16.6% year on year growth, refrigerator exports increased 5.29% year on year, growth fell 15.3 percentage points. Adjustment of export tax rebate rate will to some extent stimulate the export of China's household electrical appliances, home appliance production enterprises, which is crucial. Interim report of 2008, Gree, Midea and Haier proportion of export revenue in operating income were 26.7%, 35.2%, 18.5%, export markets, the impact of China's household electrical appliance enterprises can imagine. Gain valuable transition Reporter found that adidas springblade nederland , despite the recent increase in tax rebates twice the rate of light manufacturing enterprises as a whole is good, but many companies realize that the market environment at home and abroad a great change, to boil through the "winter", needs to train hard, "Internal Strength." Transformation, is placed in front of all the export enterprises topic, but the question is how to switch Turn where Author's Resource Box We are high quality suppliers, our products such as China Additive Masterbatch , Masterbatch Black Manufacturer for oversee buyer. To know more, please visits Black Masterbatch.

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