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Danlay, há 10 anos

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<p> a week </p>
<p> this commentator / Liu Jianing </p>
<p> recently found, whether radio, the Internet or newspapers can be seen on the January 3rd to February 3rd held a festival of advertising. Especially constantly stressed the advertisement in Dubai Shopping Festival has a lot of luxury price promotion, is really a immediately flew past "study tours" have a heart. Can say, Dubai Shopping Festival "watch promotional" crazy most shopping into soft rib. </p>
<p> although I haven't been to Dubai, has not experienced the famous Dubai Shopping Festival, but I was at the beginning of this experience of a Guangzhou shopping festival. As a large-scale activity once organized planning ideas of cooperation, Guangzhou International Shopping Festival Replica watches is worth for sure, because it Christian louboutin to gather parts into a whole retail pattern of commercial act of one's own free will, through the parade, activities, lighting, photography contests and other activities to Wedding Dress under 100 make shopping festival more cultural flavor. In addition, prolong business hours, shopping center, free WiFi service, clothing new conference for Guangzhou international shopping section of the soft power. </p>
<p> however, in the city shopping mall walking in a circle is found, this shopping section of the product promotion policy is no Replica watches for sale window, major shopping centers Fake rolex for sale or stores introduced preferential measures is difficult to attract consumer desire. Since the so-called Shopping Festival (or international), its core is with high preferential policies to attract consumers shopping, in addition, major suit's absence also let this International Shopping Festival less "international". </p>
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<p> Replica rolex therefore, to build a successful shopping festival, must form a distinct personality characteristics, especially the promotion activities should be enough to attract. The premise that Guangzhou international shopping section of the participating merchants in the combined with their own actual conditions (location, radiation force, the target consumer group, business participation etc.), with the launch of "blossom Replica ulysse nardin everywhere" promotion policy, not to the theme of Prom Dresses under 100 activities, each session of a key promotional or for Replica rolex for men a class of special products and strengthening promotion for example, the price of jade jewelry to a larger space for the product, as long as you don't lose Replica Rolex Day Date for sale money, may wish to bring Homecoming Dresses under 100 the price down to a lower some, only into the consumer's shopping desire excitement, can make people happy to pay. A shopping festival if can give a person Replica watches leave "Miss regrettable" Cheap Christian louboutin feeling to be Christian louboutin replica successful, the first Guangzhou International Shopping Festival thunder is Fake watches for sale big enough, hope that the second session of Guangzhou international shopping energy-saving point really, name ></p>

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qilou520, há 10 anos

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