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Are you planning on refinancing? Homeowners?keep these simple (yet often unexplained) concepts in mind when considering a refinancing:

1. You typically want to see a 2% improvement from your current interest rate and the proposed ?new rate?. When you add up the costs of refinancing as well as the time and hassle associated with the process Bryan Little Jets Jersey , you may find a refinancing doesn't make a lot of economic sense with a spread lower then 2%.

2. Find your break-even point by taking the total costs of refinancing (divided by) the projected monthly savings under the new rate. Doing so will tell you how many months it will take to get your money back!

3. How long you plan to own the property is important. Rule of thumb: If you plan on owning the property for less then 5 years, a refinancing may or may not make sense. Only you and the numbers can tell!

4. A ?Discount point? is 1% of the amount of money you are borrowing and is paid to a lender to secure a lower interest rate on a mortgage. Many people want to pay ?points? to get a lower rate. But, are you really getting a lower rate? When you pay discount points you are basically prepaying the lender interest 15 or 30 years in advance! You are handing over 'real dollars? for an intangible ?interest rate? that will result in a lower monthly payment'the more important question is will you live in the property for 15 or 30 years? If not, why prepay the interest? Hint: Zero point home loans often make the most sense.

These are only four (4) of the one hundred and one 101 tips you will find in our FREE EBook 101 Real Estate Tips for Home Buyers Jacob Trouba Jets Jersey , Home Sellers and Money Borrowers located in the FREEBIES section at our website. You can download it instantly at your convenience, enjoy! Jim Hart

Copyright ? 2006 James W. Hart, IV All Rights reserved

"Yoga is like a geologist for the soul, it can show you where to dig and what to dig for Dmitry Kulikov Jets Jersey , but the digging you must do yourself"

Urban OM is the perfect blend of the new and old, it contemporary yet traditional, energising but still calming, immersive but grounded. We are a yoga & pilates studio creating a space for city dwellers and visitors to step back from the busy cityscape and indulge in a moment of peace Patrik Laine Jets Jersey , serenity and relaxation. If you live or work in the city, our studio is an oasis for like minded people to meet, reconnect and explore within themselves. Our approach incorporates three simple aspects. Breath. Posture. Meditation.

All classes are beginner friendly however if you wish to start at a slower pace we recommend our Urban Essentials or Urban Restore class.

1. Heated Classes:-
(i). Hot Hatha
Sour Hot Hatha classes are set sequence of breathing exercises, sun salutations and postures. The class is taught in a heated room (38- 40掳C) and the sequence focuses primarily on standing Blake Wheeler Jets Jersey , balancing, and backbending postures at a slower pace. Expect to sweat and also receive a beautiful detoxed feeling after the class. This class is open to all levels.

(ii). Urban Flow

2. Non-Heated Classes:-
(i). Urban Essentials
The Urban Essentials class is a non-heated vinyasa flow class. The pace of the class is slowed down to allow for a greater focus on alignment and understanding of the fundamentals of the postures. This class is great for beginners or seasoned practitioners, wishing to refresh on fundamentals of alignment.

(ii). Urban Restore
This class is more meditative and aims at cultivating awareness of inner silence, and bringing to light a universal, interconnecting quality.

(iii). Core Pilates
Our Core Pilates classes are non-heated mat based classes. All movements are focussed on building core strength and in turn helping imporove spine strength and posture. This class in open to all levels

Urban OM is a fully equipped fitness centre in Perth offering hatha yoga Kyle Connor Youth Jersey , vinyasa flow, hot yoga and core pilates classes. Yoga classes are great for mental relaxation and fitness. Our best advice to new students is to take it slow on your first class and have fun. Urban OM is committed to helping you stay on your path to a well round, healthy lifestyle. Access our packages and choose the best suited option. Urban OM yoga and pilates classes are both for beginners and experienced and the people who want to enjoy relaxation and be fit. Get a best suited package with us. Contact us to avail best offers.

Urban OM | Yoga Classes, Pilates Studio + Cafe
Ground Floor Mark Scheifele Youth Jersey , 170 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth, WA 6004
Call: (08) 9325 6776
E-mail: info@

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