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Air Max180

Qironlin, há 2 anos

In terms of running shoes, the main thing is that the sole must have good cushioning to minimize the damage caused by impact. In the case of Nike Air Max, the sole is made of air. Andrew tries to apply the groundbreaking technology surrounding this Cheap yeezy
time max 360 jogging shoes to the air greatest extentCheap yeezys
180. Through near collaboration with boot developer Hans Guenther, Andrew studied air cushion of the palm fully and determined what areas of the air pillow should be split into two halves, giving Air Max180 a foam free heel.

Through the design of the air max 180 working shoes,Fake yeezy
Andrew desires to continue the Nike Air shoes. He carefully analyzed the previous air max shoes, determined the key elements of this series of shoes, and then commenced to pull sketches to design an impressive work. By using pads, Claire not only provides a framework for new non froth Max 180 jogging shoes, but also provides powerful support for plantar and heel. This is also common in the air greatest extent series. Through the type of the twisting groove in the front foot of the sneaker, the overall flexibility of the shoe is improved, and the active aesthetic feeling is also presented.