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Why The King Platform Storage Bed Is The Best Furniture You Can Buy

amianime, há 3 anos

The king platform storage bed is great! If you have not previously considered one of these please think again. The reason that these have come back into fashion is that we are now all keeping to maximize our space and also to have a style in our homes.

The King Platform Storage Bed For A Guest Room

If you are decorating a guest room then you should consider a king platform storage bed. Since there is storage underneath the bed it means that you do not need as much furniture in the room, so you can still have a good-sized bed. You will still need to provide your guests with some storage, however, this can be satisfied with a wardrobe, possibly with a few drawers or shelves inside. This will keep a clean look to your room while leaving you with plenty of storage for out of season clothes or linen under the bed.

The King Platform Storage Bed For The Main Room

If you are trying to create a great funky bedroom then this is the piece of furniture which you have been looking for. The height of any platform bed makes it a great central piece of furniture to base your room around. If you are choosing a king size platform bed with storage, it will be even more striking.

How to create a complete look

Decorating a room is more than just choosing a couple of bits of furniture. If you want your king platform storage bed to be the central focus point of your room then it may be a good idea to choose simple furniture which does not distract. A good way to do this while keeping plenty of storage is to have fitted cupboards. Another option is to choose other furniture which is striking and coordinates the room the create a style that truly represents you.

Decorating your room

Once you have your king platform storage bed you will need to finish off the room with great decoration. Since this is such a striking piece of furniture it is often best to keep the wall decoration simple and to have carefully chosen bed linen to create the effect you are after.
Once you have your platform storage bed king you will wonder how you ever manage before.

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