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skinny, white, wealthy girls

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The viral trend everyone loves to hate: Inside the 'VSCO girl' craze that has taken teens by storm - while being

brutally mocked by others who say it is only for 'skinny, white, wealthy girls'
The rise of the VSCO girl hit its peak with people seeing the trend online VSCO girls typically involve teenage girls

who dress in oversized T-shirts, crop tops, scrunchies, and barely visible shorts while carrying a Hydro Flask
Other prominent stereotypes of the VSCO girl is that they care about the environment and often use the phrase'sksksk'

to signal excitement Slate interviewed teens about the trend, and most admitted they knew VSCOgirls at their own

schools nike outlet The teens said VSCO girls were typically 'skinny,

white, wealthy girls'

The rise of the VSCO girl on social media has confused older generations who have no clue what it takes to achieve

the coveted title, which is typically earned by wealthy teenage girls in high school. VSCO (pronounced 'visco') girls

are the result of a trend that was inspired by a photo editing app people use to share their images outside of

Instagram. nike mens swim trunks clearance But even

though the term is named after the photo editor, it actually has nothing to do with the application.

The now-viral term actually describes teenagers who wear oversized T-shirts, crop tops, scrunchies, and barely

visible shorts, with other tell-tale accessories — including a specific brand of water bottle and preferred skincare

products, also being used to identify a typical VSCO girl. This is not the only characteristics of a VSCO girl, who

is apparently very nike swimwear mens real and

circulating through high schools and on social media.

These teens are also stereotyped for owning Fjällräven backpack and Hydro Flasks, often decorated with stickers, while

making sure to always speak about their concerns for the environment. VSCO girls also made the phrase 'sksksksksk'

popular to nike mens hoodie sale indicate to the world

that they are excited about something going on in their lives.

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