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xinde520, há 11 anos

"Kang Shuai Fake Rolex Day Date Fu" Pong "Kangshifu" "Guangdong and Guangdong" Pong "Oreo" Lenovo water heater

"SANXING" "Hoier" mobile phone, water heater, "Kang Shuai Bo" mineral water, "crocodile childe" shoes, "Lenovo" water heater, have you ever met? The analysis points out, high profit, low threshold, easy to imitate, consumer Christian louboutin sale prevention and awareness is not strong, the opportunity to copycat products. China Economic Net

reporter interviewed China Consumer Protection Foundation, anti-counterfeiting Work Committee report Prom Dresses under 100 Replica rolex watches director of General Office of Jia Ning, he said, at present, near Replica tag heuer the famous phenomenon is out of control, especially clothing has become christian louboutin cheap imitation black pumps the Fake rolex for sale heavy disaster area. His analysis, three major causes of individual brands. louboutin fake

reason: each department acting on its own copycat products loopholes to

it is understood, trademark registration and unified management by the Trademark Office, and the name of the enterprise registration is a territorial jurisdiction, by the industrial and commercial authorities at all levels shall be responsible for the Replica rolex approval and registration, trademark management and administration of enterprise name formed two lines.

industrial and commercial bureau "enterprise name registration": enterprise shall use only one name, the same or similar to the competent registration authority shall not be in the area and has been registered with the trade name of the enterprise. "As long as the Christian louboutin registered companies are not in the Fake watches for sale same county administrative jurisdiction over, any Replica watches for sale person may Cheap Christian louboutin be the same or Replica watches similar name registration and the other at or above the county level administrative area of enterprise; even the counterparts in the political area, in some cases can also be registered name of the same or similar but not the same industry enterprises." Jia Ning said.

many enterprises drill this loophole. "Like Daoxiang village, there are currently Hongkong Daoxiang village, Baoding Daoxiang village, Suzhou Daoxiang village and Beijing Daoxiang village 4. Because the name registered company is different, every village is a legitimate." Jia Ning introduced.

many famous enterprises have encountered a similar embarrassment. In 2012 November, "Wuliangye," three "and" trademark dispute. In February 23, 2012, the judges on the "three and" trademark objection Review Wedding Dresses under 100 Determination results, finally defeated wuliangye. Homecoming Dresses under 100

Jia Ning suggested, management need effective information link. "Two systems in charge, it cannot make the information sharing and management, to" near the famous "outlaws caused an opportunity. Cause a lot of "Pong brand" also have legal procedures. At the same time, in Replica rolex the market there is a part of "Pong brand" which is in Hong Kong, Macao and overseas registration, if need to verify survey, also need to Hong Kong and Macao and related organization of international communication."

two: Adults difficult enterprises began to fight with

copycat products, such as Wahaha Moutai, many big brands have Christian louboutin replica established the intellectual property protection of special, but still difficult to Cheap rolex watches fight with copycat products brand.

Jia Ning said there are two reasons, first, the trial time long, punishment. "According to the trademark law, case less need for half a year, more than three or four years to get through. Due to the recognition of tort is difficult, Replica watches even if the enterprise is successful, but also the criterion of fine.)

zakbowden5372, há 6 anos

This glass-and-metal sculpture design is Rolex Replica enhanced by the matte black dial, Fake Watches with its wide, black satin-finished circular flange stamped with the hour numerals and minute indices, executed Rolex Replica in a font created by Buchis own typeface-design agency.