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What flooring is best for your

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If you choose solid wood flooring, but also check the moisture content. When laying the floor, it is best to shop by the manufacturers to pave the pavement, pavement after the acceptance of qualified, consumers should request after-sales service card.Floor safe consumption of formaldehyde in the decoration of the season to choose the floor of the unfavorable decoration season,
some "fake flooring" also took the opportunity to "revive", and there are signs of resurrection. So how does the floor choose? What is the most environmentally friendly floor? What is the most durable floor? What is the best floor service? What flooring is best for your taste of life? In order to guide consumers to the correct consumption,
to buy qualified flooring products, from this issue, we will from the different angles of the floor to all-round coverage. If you have doubts about your purchase of the floor, you can also sign up for the upcoming "floor lab" live witness, the letter for your free test. Key issues shoddy floor.
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