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Waste furniture recycling costs are too high

wangkiky, há 1 ano

<P>Interview reporter learned that there are many people have encountered such a problem Ms. Feng. In order to clarify the final flow of waste furniture, the reporter conducted a large number of visits. It is understood that the current left in the Lanzhou market demand for second-hand furniture quite kind: the style is too old-fashioned do not,cheap steel cafe chair there is no wear and tear. A person in the Tianshui Road furniture market within the second-hand furniture recycling point boss admitted: now spend more than 100 dollars can buy a nice look of the new coffee table, who would also like to go to second-hand market Amoy? It is understood that the current recovery Of the old furniture is mainly provided to the owner of the rental, but too old too old furniture even if no one is cheap, plus home delivery, delivery, handling and so need the cost, and can not sell a good price, so everyone Do not want to recover.</P>
<P>When the reporter went to Minqin Street, a waste recycling station, the boss has said that the acquisition of old wardrobe depends on the fineness, if the newer, low-cost acquisition, slightly damaged It is not necessary,ultralight bistro garden sets in addition, the location is far away do not receive He said that the acquisition of these large pieces of furniture both laborious and freight, and can not sell a few money, it is not possible. "If you are willing to pay, I can find someone to your house to pull, but we pull is also nothing to use, is to make a freight." In this waste collection station, the relevant staff said that for the old furniture, they are generally Situation is not received.</P>
<P>Old furniture covers an area of ​​large, a car can not pull a few pieces, transport, recycling costs too. Second, the old furniture cumbersome, manual handling special trouble, manual handling costs are high, the most important thing is to pull back the old furniture is not the use of value. "Air conditioning, television and other home appliances even if the scrapped, after dismantling can also recover some precious gold and silver copper and iron and other valuable metals can be used for most of the old man-made sheet metal, recycling value is not big,folding beach chair with wheel dismantling and no value s material."
According to a person familiar with the situation, some waste recycling station in order to earn the freight will be some households in the old furniture shipped to the latter if not handled, the same will find a remote corner directly discarded.</P>
<P>The investigation of waste furniture arbitrarily discarded to the sanitation work to bring great pressure "waste furniture and so do not belong to the garbage, not in the sanitation sector clearance, and the city's garbage transfer station compression equipment are limited, can not be large furniture In principle, the need for the public to transport it to the nearest garbage factory, but the nearest distance from the city is located in Kyushu, a garbage disposal plant, the public, the direct delivery there also need a certain Cost,cheap canvas white chair usa supplier in such a case, the public free to discard the situation of waste furniture has become very common, the city appearance has caused a serious impact, but also to the sanitation sector to increase the work of a lot of pressure, "Chengguan District Environmental Sanitation Bureau The staff member told reporters.</P>

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