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The home has pet how to maintain floor

wangkiky, há 1 ano

<p>As economic development, the living standard of people is higher and higher, contemporary family has the habit that raises pet not less, cat, dog in becoming a family gradually.composite wood planks in the Middle East But spread the family that has a floor board to have a headache quite, the claw of pet baby can be not careful on the floor keep score, and the consciousness that the animal does not have the mankind, relieve oneself loves to be in which, can take no account of host glad, the floor also follows endure hardships. So the home has pet, how should maintain daily floor? </p>
<p>1, the home has pet above all of the most irritated heart is, pet skips everywhere or catchs a floor namely, not only oneself are listening afflictive, if the sound insulation result of the floor is bad, the likelihood also can is opposite downstair neighbour causes a worry, because this raises the family that has pet to should consider a choose and buy when floor sound insulation, sound-absorbing the floor with better effect, if increased the floor board of quiet tone mat. </p>
<p>2, cat dog claw is very sharp,wpc wood polymer composite process equipment do not take care, the floor appeared score, so the wearability of the floor is close friends certainly. Shellfish Er floor recommends aggrandizement to everybody here compound kind floor, already wear-resisting economy, do more convenient also, suit to raise the family of pet very much. </p>
<p>3, pet but unlike mankind is so civilized, often may go up in the floor everywhere pee, after going to the lavatory, want to clear in time, and pull the floor board work. If the pee of what went to dog dog in floor aperture, want to use cleaner blot in time. </p>
<p>4, if pet is in on the floor defecate or there is food besmirch on the floor, here provides a method that uses easily simply to you: To the floor contaminative place sprays the water that clean out rice.what wood to use for a deck This kind of novel method actually very simple, specific be: Dip in with dishcloth on the water that clean out rice is direct wipe on the floor, undertake working brushing again next. Of course, OK also spray the water that clean out rice equably on the floor above all, await 5 minutes, such, the dirty content on the floor arrives with respect to float of “ automatic above come. At this moment, need not exert oneself to do sth.sandy bamboo vinyl tile floors philippines knit clothings gently to wipe 5 repeatedly with old cotton second, careful land is good floor wipe up, food besmirch place should spray more the water that clean out rice, ability easy rub-up. Had aspersed the water that clean out rice to brush a floor to have some of trouble it seems that again it seems that, but this method efficiency is honest very tall, the effect is more original, everybody mights as well try. </p>
<p>5, the need as a result of the activity, pet often can be above the floor run, to avoid tumble, can the floor board that the choose and buy has face of stereo and concave and convex grain, raise pet catch soil fertility, be like: Anaglyph face, hemp face. </p>

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