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Although these cross so that luxury brand harvest and economic benefits, but the industry believes that the luxury brand, so there is a lot of cross-border risk. LG and Prada will launch the third generation of the Joint priced at 6,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan smartphone industry on the sidelines Gucci replica . And George cheap fake watches ? Replica Bvlgari Armani and Samsung launched a number of cross-border cooperation "Emporio Armani" logo phone, priced from 1, Replica watch 000 yuan to several thousand dollars, from design to user location is vague, was once considered a cottage phone, brand value rare highlight. "luxury brand phone has a cross-border cooperation among the powerful principle is to avoid the phenomenon of drag, George? Armani thinking yes, you need to realize the value of the brand in order to increase financial revenue; another can also expand the brand power, mobile phone consumers may not be concerned about the original George? Armani, but the cooperation between them may thus become George? Armani other consumer goods, Fake Cartier for sale but also requires that cross-border integrated marketing strategy, not just out of a cell phone would be finished . "France and the United States Grand luxury brands in China Operations Director Chen Zhilong told reporters. "In addition, like LV do like perfume, the ultimate goal is to be done luxury brands derivative product lines. boundary is the most simple and fast way, the big one started basically do, but will eventually be integrated into a luxury products within the scope of our business. "Chen But over the years, "core", "table" production line together. 1920, the real force that has been created over 2 million of the clock cheap swiss watches . My grandfather gave birth in my fall I did a block watch, then he is not lucky Wu Gu, my father gave me the watch Replica watch. Zenith launched a large command ship limited edition watch is happy Venice clock industry think it is "a tribute to history. Replica watch " This table yields few, limited edition 100 worldwide.

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Los Omega Seamaster 1848 Limited Editions Replica de Relojes 70th Anniversary, presentados en Baselworld 2018 celebran el Replica Watches nacimiento de uno de los iconos más importantes de la marca. Y lo hace con una reproducción casi exacta de los modelos originales Replicas Relojes La primera familia de relojes creada por Omega fue el Seamaster, lanzada en 1948. Quién iba a pensar en aquel momento que a sus 70 a?os los relojes iban a parecer tan atractivos como lo fueron entonces. Porque eso son los nuevos Omega Seamaster 1848 Limited Editions 70th Anniversary.