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Tips to Throw a Cocktail Party

ajgkjafgm, há 5 anos

A cocktail party is the best occasion to entertain other people and relax themselves. However, how to throw a wonderful cocktail party. Here are some tips for you.

Tip 1: Set the appropriate time.

If you plan to hold the cocktail party during lunchtime, you should start at half past eleven and ends at about one o’clock. If you are going to throw it during dinner time, you’d better begin the party at about six o’clock and finish it at about eight o’clock.

Tip 2: Purchase enough ices.

Cocktails on the rocks are much more drinkable. Not only can ices be put into the cocktail directly, but also they can be used for chilling bottles and cans.

Tip 3: Prepare various glasses.

Since there are a variety of drinks like cocktails, highballs, wines, spirits, beers, juices and water being offered at a cocktail reception, the host has to prepare various glasses such as goblets, tumblers, martini glasses and so on for different kinds of drinks.

Tip 4: Create the menu.

Nuts, crispy potato chips, sandwiches, sausages, biscuits, cakes and fruits can be listed on the menu. By the way, you can offer coffee to your guests towards the end of the party as a courtesy.

Tip 5: Select an appropriate cocktail wear.

For women, selecting a sexy dancer skirt for cocktail party is a nice choice. For men, a suit with simple design is OK!

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