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“We have a Mill Street Merchants private group,” Emily Nike Air Zoom Structure 21 Femme tells me, “It’s where someone will say ‘Okay guys, it's a snow storm. What are we doing?’ or over Easter weekend, ‘Who's open, what hours?’ When you go a mall, everybody's open. We're a destination like that. If Adidas Nmd Womens people are going to come here, we want everybody to be open.”
They're very much my coworkers, rather than my competition.
In addition to her brick and mortar space, Emily runs her ecommerce store using Shopify. It’s a move that helped her gain more reach and exposure for local artisans and put Almonte on the map. While she’s fortunate to have a good handle on the technical side of her business, the same isn’t necessarily true for the older shop owners who struggle with social media and ecommerce.
“The answer is giving them the tools,” Emily says, “Some people just aren't as resourceful. There's a group of us—we're all Nike Janoski Womensyounger, about the same age. We communicate really well, help each other, and info share. We usually have to set the example for the others.”
You can't just have an A plan, you've got to have an A, B, and a C plan to Adidas ZX Flux Femme keep yourself sustainable.
“We often promote each other,” Emily shares with me, “if I'm having a workshop but I also know that that Tin Barn is having a sale, it will always be the bottom of my email. We do that type of thing for one another.”Expensive traditional advertising costs can be divided among the businesses, too. Ten of Almonte’s merchants contribute monthly for a collective page in a regional food magazine. “Instead of it costing us a thousand bucks, we each pay $80 a month,” she says, “We don't necessarily get our own ad, but it's for Almonte. If the town’s busy, then we all benefit, including me."
Adidas ZX 700 Womens “The community needs to understand their local assets," says Deborah, "what is driving the economy right now and who their entrepreneurs are.”
In Almonte, the community leaned heavily on the arts, building commerce around the existing tourism base. Many of the businesses lean in a gallery direction, and Cheerfully made Goods celebrates artisans. The rich textile history, and the heritage buildings it left behind, are also a tourist draw—town restauranteurs have woven that history into their stories.
Most shops run a couple of events a year that drive tourism for