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Bendable gooseneck floor lamps

Cassandra, há 1 ano

some of the current designs of gooseneck lamps are fantastic! Of course the humble gooseneck lamp that everyone is most familiar with is likely the gooseneck desk lamp, that is pretty standard on most students’ study desks. This basic design has stayed the same, for the most part, for years, with minor variations on things such as the type of light bulb used being made over the years.
However, there have been a lot of advances, design wise, with the more non-standard type gooseneck floor lamps, and other end table or desk lamps. If you want to see a sampling of what is available and what options you have for modern design gooseneck lamps, a simple search online should soon help you to see.
Some designs that may turn heads include the Adesso lamps. Adesso itself, as a company, seeks to offer buyers high-end, good quality home décor items at affordable prices. Their designs really are very chic, modern and some are almost futuristic, and they look great in homes and on desks. For example their extended neck gooseneck desk lamp with its LED long-life bulb. It is made from satin steel material, thus it not only looks great and feels good, but it is extremely useful as the light can reach far via the extending gooseneck.
Another interesting modern designed lamp is the Eternity double gooseneck adjustable lamp–again, specifically a desk lamp. The left gooseneck reaches across the desk for 20 inches, whereas the right gooseneck reaches slightly less distance, 17 inches. The lamp is not cheap, it sells for around $100, but the versatility of being able to illuminate two separate areas of a desk at the same time, has a lot of potential especially for those who work from several difference sources at the same time.
Finally, one other extremely interesting lamp I saw recently for sale on Amazon, is a gooseneck floor lamp with five ‘heads’, ranging from white to pink in graded shading. At only $20, this unique styled Adesso floor lamp would definitely be an attention getter if you were to showcase it in your living room or bedroom. Bendable gooseneck floor lamps is very easy to setup, and while it may not give enough light for the entire room, it is great for giving off soft lighting, and you can have it positioned so that one of the lights shines down on where you are sitting so that you can read by it, for example.