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wood flooring industry in China

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<p>year's total, will actually give the enterprise 5000000 yuan profit. Lu Weiguang best of all: Since the billet width can be thin, the thickness can not be thin? Successfully tackling the problem,azek decking sealer conditioner conventional 2 cm thick floor slab thinning 0.1 cm, can also be processed into a 1.8 cm thick floor. Only two of these two save timber 10%, Ann's profits a year is expected to increase 10 million yuan. Unexpectedly,how to install composite decking with screws Lu Weiguang even this technology 'secret' to Brazilian counterparts free public! Moreover, since the billets orders issued to Brazilian suppliers have all been changed into new specifications after 'downsizing', the purchase price not only goes up, but the price </p>
<p>per cubic meter is up to 10 US dollars.french doors interior This is not to buy guns for others to let go? According to Lu Weiguang's account: Surprisingly, 10% of the 350 suppliers' billets can save 24,000 cubic meters of timber a year, which is equivalent to a reduction of 10,000 trees of 50 cm in diameter. 'Amazon's primeval forests are the wealth of Brazil and the wealth of the world.Ensix enters the Amazon, not to grab resources,can you put a fence in pine hollow estates damage the environment, protect the Amazon forest resources, Anson also has a responsibility.' For deforestation, Essence set a strict standard , Requiring partners not to exceed the area deforested by the Brazilian government, asking them not to </p>
<p>cut trees prone to soil erosion on hillsides, not cutting trees that affect the livelihood of animals, not cutting small trees, and only harvesting trees of over 60 years of age. To this end, best decking for poolsShun invested 1.2 million yuan to lease GPS satellites for monitoring, digital archives for each tree, every tree move, the government supervision department can see a clear. It is reported that less than 5 in the industry to take a similar technology to monitor the forest. In Cuiaba City, AX Lu Weiguang's office, the reporter saw an aerial photo: a lush forest,4 x 6 composite timber retaining wall there is a big yellow flowers in the trees show in the forest, which is famous for the Ipe. Ipe, fragrant two-winged wood and </p>

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