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<p>local culture and only local people can accept it for the benefit of the local community.' Ansin's integration into Brazilian culture began with the construction of the football pitch.84 lumber 6x6 pressure treated In Brazilian life, playing football is more important than work. To this end, Anxin invested 1.5 million yuan to build a light stadium in AXN, hand care lawn. Director Yideer proudly said: 'This is the most beautiful football field in local enterprises.' Reporter to AXN interview that day, it is Friday afternoon, the whole plant early get off work. Workers and managers divided into two teams, board walks nature trailings uk recycled materialswearing yellow and green jerseys, walked to a soccer field next to the workshop, a </p>
<p>whistle, the two teams enjoy scraping on the pitch around the football field, the two teams cheerleading their own strength To cheer cheer. The foundation of respect for integration has broughthot to attach composite railing to concrete unexpected benefits to Anson: Brazilian workers can also respect and accept the normative management of Chinese enterprises and appreciate the benefits. In the AXN workshop, the reporter saw: Sword saw tools placed in strict and orderly,rucca wood outdoor ceiling on the ground can not see the littering of nails, workers wearing masks, gloves work. Hamilton, a 39-year-old worker, said: 'I've been a carpenter for 20 years and I've been to many factories and began to feel that the </p>
<p>AXN is fast-paced and demanding but now adapted to these regulations which actually protect the safety of workers so work here Family is also very assured. 'Shun peace into Brazil, but also further spiritual levelretaining wall composite panels suppliers australia, and the convergence of local values. Sai Sai said many Chinese businessmen came to Brazil superficially and talked off in a hurry. Brazilian businessmen did not know his man, his character, his family and his business.2 by 6 composite decking The Lo Wai Kwong is different, no matter the size of 350 suppliers, whether living downtown or living in the jungle, he visited one by one. Suppliers to China, Lu Weiguang will ask them to be a guest at home. Integration, so that the </p>

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