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Pokémon Go is now a job and earns 30 euro per day

lodusingh, há 6 anos

Pokémon Go, how to earn 30 euro minimum daily with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go , all crazy for Pokémon Go. Now Pokémon Go is also a work from 30 euro per day.

Pokémon Go is an application available for Android and iOS smartphones that uses augmented reality technology. Making the download Pokemon Go free pokecoins is simple, as the app is available in the stores of the Android and iOS smartphone.
Thanks to the GPS support and augmented reality are transformed inallenatori players of Pokémon virtual and must go around the city trying to catch Pokémon , gyms win and earn money for the Poké Ball.

If you're a fan of Pokémon and you have not lost one of the famous cartoon episode broadcast on TV in the late '90s, you know what we are talking about.
the new Pokemon Go allows the player to catch Pokémon exploring the real places. In fact, the application shows a map of the places that surround the player, and will appear as soon as a Pokémon or PokéStop nearby, will be notified from your smartphone that will begin to vibrate and to glow.
As a dedicated games to Pokémon there are many, but Pokémon Go is definitely the most revolutionary.

For the first time the fact of the Japanese cartoon enthusiasts can explore the real world in search of Pokemon . Specifically, users can capture all the 151 species of Pokemon go free pokecoins of the first edition, but we are sure that as soon as the interest around the application will decline slightly, and Niantic Nintendo will release an update that the cute little animals of the following generations will also be introduced .

the hunt for monsters Nintendo has filled the streets around the world, but it is objectively difficult to get them all: you have to have time available, like walking and a lot of resourcefulness to find the most rare.

How, then, to rise level when the daily grind fill the days and there is no time even for a short walk?, portal that connects supply and demand of professional and craft work, today launched the first national service game Pokemon Go.

As Pokémon Go has become a work at least 30 euro per day

Working with Pokémon Go free pokecoins- E 'can pay someone to play for you, up to 2 hours at a time, to capture new Pokémon , you level up through the battles in the gym, hatch eggs Pokémon or conquer a Poké enemy Gym. To find coaches just type " Pokémon " in the search bar of the portal and fill out the form by answering questions based on their gaming needs.

He stated Marco Ogliengo, CEO of "Go Pokémon , since its launch , was an incredible success here in Italy, and our platform's philosophy it is to welcome the world of services in their entirety. The phenomenon Go Pokémon is creating the need for new figures, which we have decided to respond immediately, even at the request of our users. "

Many gamers throughout Italy, taking advantage of the summer holidays, they decided to make available its free time and skills for the benefit of those who have none, perhaps even that of deventare hunter Pokémon professional.
to allow experts coaches to play, the customer can choose if you lend your phone or share the details of your access to Gmail .

In both cases, suggests taking precautions, such as to take delivery of the coach's documents will be returned at the end of the walk.
the price? Two hours of the game cost about 30 Euros .

madarchod, há 6 anos

1. Licensing Career Mode league and Women

The twelve teams of women are included in FIFA 16 are very welcome. However, women's football has not yet officially licensed, so it would be great EA to scratch a little pocket and got part of the women's league. And we dare say that would open the possibility of a new female career mode, where we could take a career or take a club to glory.

2. Improved animations public

It has worked in the crowd cramming all stages in life without FIFA - games, but if you look closely in the stands during the game, you'll see that continue in low resolution. We are sure that both the Xbox One and the PS4 are able to give more, and surely EA could give us more game with a couple of animations to acclimate further meetings.|

pokem234, há 6 anos

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pokem234, há 6 anos

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